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Sep 19

Sue and I like to explore our sexuality. She has taken many partners over the years and I never grow tired of watching her in action.



More pictures of my sexy babe.


Hot couple, my wife and me.


My Wife. Before we officially tied the knot, my then girlfriend fulfilled my biggest fantasy. Letting me film her making it with other men. I was sooo impressed, that she repeated the fantasy with a total of five men of different ages. She has since stopped being my “fantasy girl” but to this day I still try and coax her into performing for me again! She’s 53 years old and doesn’t even come close to looking her age. She’s fantastic in bed so the fantasty lives on in hope to happen again some day ! Here’s a taste of who she is and a little of what she has done. The picture quality is not great as I took most of them from the TV during a play back. Thanks.


Sep 19

Just a few of our sex pics.


Sep 18

Here are some close ups of my big tits. Guess what size my tits are and tell me what you would like for me to do with my tits.


Sep 18

Here are some when I had to stop at the side of the road. You can see the drivers smiling as they went by.


Sep 18

Sexy Sabine play with herself.


Sep 18

New shoes.


Sep 18

A few more of Rebbeca.