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Dec 1

My 60 yr old wife still has what it takes and would like to know if you all agree. She enjoys being a slut, any takers?



Dec 1

BBW Diz just colored her hair blonde.



Red and white!



Dec 1

I love boobs of my wife. Hope you like!



Dec 1

She is lots of fun to be with and around and not camera shy at all. Will send more picts if you like these.



Nov 30

Happy new year what a cum filled fuck.



Nov 30

My pictures to all.


For those with a foot fetish. I know these aren’t the sexiest pictures for most of you. But we realize that there are some out there who do have a foot fetish. We don’t particularly, but these pictures were taken for those that do. This is the first step of getting my wife started sharing her pictures on the internet. She’s looking forward to your comments.


Nov 30

My wife.



Nov 30

Sexy Lingerie. My Wife Jane loves to pose for the camera! What do you think?