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Hi! You want to show your pictures, movies or stories on our site? Just read and follow our guidelines.


A few rules for submissions:

  1. Pictures, movies or stories must be yours!!! Don´t send someone else´s pics, we´ll find out and you´ll be banned for ever.
  2. All persons on the pictures must be at least 18 years old. (Any material which shows persons under 18 years old or images of persons who look like being younger than 18 years old, will be refuse).
  3. We also do not accept any kind of material which is bizarre or might be considered as illegal – also no animal sex and other crap please!
  4. For your pics, submit only in JPEG, JPG format or in a zip-file. Add a description, please. Your pics must have a minimum size of 640 x 480.
  5. For your movies, submit avi, mpeg-files or wmv only. Your movies must be less than 3 min.
  6. We never post your Email. Don’t put it in your pics.

  7. We reserve the right to add or not , any pictures submitted, to the gallery. (some pictures are of such poor quality or small, it’s really not worth it.)



By submitting my pictures to Meoland, I hereby certify, that all persons on the pictures were at least 18 years old at the time the photos were taken. All submitted pictures belong to me, or I have the permission to use them.

By submitting my pictures to Meoland, I have give the webmaster of Meoland the permission to use my pictures, videos and stories for any purposes. I will not claim any copyright infringements and I will not sue him for using my pictures. We are not responsible for any bad experiences as a result of posting a personal ad on our site.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions


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