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Old 06-09-2009, 02:55 PM
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Default 0609s01 - Joe (My Wife's Passion of the Ass)

My Wife's Passion of the Ass

My wife has always been a bit of a prude about sex. She likes it, but within reason. We've been married for twenty years, and the time for good sex is always getting interrupted by something. You know how it is. She knows I'm wild about giving her oral pleasure. I love juicing up her pussy with my tongue. She also knows I'm crazy about her ass. She keeps the hair trimmed, (at my request), on her pussy as it increases sensitivity when I'm licking. Most times when I ask her about letting me tongue her ass there's always an excuse. Makes her feel uncomfortable, "It's nasty", she says. Of course it's nasty, I reply, that's what's so good about it.

One morning we're fooling around, getting hot, and I suggested heading for our hot tub. After, I said, we could use the family room couch to really get off. We have an old quilt we place over the couch so we can lube, squirt and cum to our heart's content without soiling the furniture.

We got in the hot tub and started caressing and foreplay. I always finger her pussy, clit and ass at the same time. She then starts sucking my cock while getting really hot. This only lasts about ten minutes before she's ready to head inside and start the real fun and games. I told her I was going in between those cheeks of her's today.

We get out, dry and head inside to the couch. I like her to kneel over me while I'm sitting on the couch. I start by kissing her, then sucking her medium sized tits and finally sliding under her, between her legs, where I start licking her pussy. It always parts just right and really gets wet as she moans and moves around. I lick her clit, enjoying the rise it does. I take my time, getting her really hot and wet, loving the fact she's over me. All the time I'm holding on to her ass cheeks and squeezing, pulling them apart, and sliding my index finger in, probing her hole.

After really wetting up her pussy I see my chance. I slide out from under her, hand her a pillow and say, "put this on the back of the couch so you can lie your head on it and be comfortable". "Bend over as far as you can". She does this, then I say, "Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart for me. Let me see". To my surprise she does it. I reach down and grab her "pocket rocket" vibrator she adores. Now, my wife has a good, full, cheeky ass. Not fat, but good, round and sexy. She has a strip of brown pube hair going up the crack and around her asshole. The fine hairs protrude out even when her ass cheeks aren't parted. For just turning fifty, she's hot. She has her ass cheeks pulled apart and I just kneel in back of her a minute to take it all in. My cock is so hard it hurts, so I don't waste any time.

I start licking up her crack, passing her asshole at first, just teasing. She's moaning her head off. I hand her the vibrator and tell her to put it on her clit while I'm working back here. She turns it on and I stick my tongue right in her asshole. She puts the vibe on her clit while I'm probing her asshole in and out with my tongue, all the time holding her cheeks apart and rubbing my hard cock against a soft spot on the quilt. After awhile her cheeks are so wet, I take my hands away and my face is buried in her ass. I start working my cock. She's moaning and the vibrator is churning away on her clit. After a few more minutes she starts to orgasm, and I stick my tongue right into her now flaming hot, wet asshole, and she cums so hard, she squirts.

As the orgasm subsides she says, "put it between my cheeks, you'll get off." I'm more than happy to oblige, so I slide my cock between her cheeks. Now I'm not in her asshole, but just this side. Between the hair, cheek pressure and saliva lubed ass, I start cumming all over. After I'm done I say to her, "and you thought that was nasty." She just grins and headed off to clean up. Since then, ass play is a regular part of our play. Guys out there, give it a try...
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Old 06-09-2009, 06:59 PM
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Awesome story. I love tounge fucking the ass.
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